Service-Centric Operations
with Active Assurance

Active Assurance Improves Network Service Quality

Automated assurance is paramount to achieving the expected level of customer service experience in the 5G and cloud era. However, service assurance solutions have been stuck using traditional network monitoring systems, which are by nature reactive. Incomplete and inadequate service validation creates frustration for subscribers, leading to damaged reputations and churn. Assurance solutions must change the focal point from infrastructure to actively measuring actual service quality.

Active assurance enables a shift to a more effective service-centric operations model that is needed to meet service level objectives.

By shifting to Service-Centric Operations with Active Assurance you can:

  • Proactively measure what matters—at the data plane
  • Understand customer experience from an end-user perspective using synthetic L2- L7 traffic
  • Guaranteed service quality
  • Shorten time to resolve problems
  • Locate performance issues before customers are impacted
  • Know that changes are made right the first time
  • Confirm that network service levels support business objectives
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Active Assurance Improves Network Service Quality

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