[White Paper]
Service Assurance in the 5G and Cloud Era

Service operations and IT/OSS are set for change.  As you transform into a competitive digital service provider, software and automation are key enablers to increase customer satisfaction and streamline operations. Evolving your operations and assurance to differentiate through service quality is crucial to leading in the cloud and 5G era. Service operations needs to identify, understand, troubleshoot, and resolve issues before they impact your services and customer experience.
In this white paper we present a scientific and proven method to achieve a proactive, service-centric operations model with your customers in focus. Our proposed method is straightforward and provides immediate results, but it may require that you change your frame of reference when looking at OSS and assurance systems.
After reading this white paper you will learn:

  •     Why a different perspective in service assurance is key.
  •     What merits a service-centric assurance model.
  •     How commonly deployed solutions are falling short.
  •     Why active assurance provides compelling results.
If you are still interested in more information about assuring the quality of 5G services after reading this white paper, join us in the “How operations can drive end-to-end service quality in the 5G and cloud era” webinar with TMForum and register here.
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