Be bold. Be legendary. Be a Champion.

The Juniper Champions program is back…and better than ever. For nearly a decade, Juniper has brought partners together in this elite community and rewarded them for their expertise.

Juniper Champions

10 years later, we’re relaunching and expanding the Juniper Champions training program to include a journey for sales, marketing, and distribution as part of the Champions Community.

Our robust program helps partners develop new capabilities, win business faster, and create outstanding customer experiences. The program also includes exclusive content access, business support, incentives, exclusive access to programs, and more.

With 3 exciting ranks of achievement: Innovative, Ingenious, and Legendary, it’s never been a better time to boost your business and become a celebrated Legendary Champion with Juniper.

Become a Juniper Champion

Technical Champions

Technical Champions have been the foundation of this program for nearly a decade. As the cornerstone of the Champions community, we chose the lion to represent these powerful, energetic, and respected leaders. Gear up for a next-level Champions experience!

Achievement Levels

Sales Champions

Highly knowledgeable, social, and ambitious, wolves represent our Sales Champions well. These versatile creatures can be successful on their own, but also sell skillfully in a pack. Welcome to the start of an epic journey together!

Achievement Levels

Marketing Champions

Clever and quick-witted, the fox is our Marketing Champion. With a keen eye and creative flair, the fox is quick to jump on new ideas that lead to great results. A new world of opportunity awaits.

Achievement Levels

Distribution Champions

Eagles are our Distribution Champions. They’re high achievers with an unrivalled view of the sales terrain. They know the territory like no other and can deliver solutions at speed. A legendary journey is about to get underway.

Achievement Levels

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