Automated Service Activation and Testing

Accelerate delivery of error-free services that meet SLAs

Accelerate every step in the service provisioning chain, while automatically testing and validating each new service.

In a marketplace where customers can activate new cloud services in seconds, expectations for communication service providers have never been higher. Yet, when it comes to network services rollouts, deployments often still take weeks. Worse yet, in too many cases, when customers can finally access a new service, they find it’s not meeting the performance characteristics they paid for—or sometimes not working at all!

Our automated provisioning and testing solution helps you to more quickly deploy error-free services that meet SLAs. With Automated Service Provisioning and Testing using Juniper® Paragon Automation, network operators can deploy new services in hours instead of weeks. Best of all, the solution bakes activation testing right into the process.  In this way, businesses get the services they ordered much more quickly and configured correctly the first time. And network operators get faster time-to-revenue and happier customers.

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